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Schiaffino began his career in entertainment as an actor and a playwright. After leaving his home town of Atlanta, Ga, he settled in as a regular character at the Orenda Theatre Company in NYC. His original play Scarred enjoyed a lengthy run on Theatre Row, New York’s famed 42 Street Off Broadway theatre district.

After moving to Los Angeles in late 2000, Schiaffino enrolled in the writing program at Loyola Marymount University. He graduated Magna Cum Laude, and published several works in the process, including a captivating account of his comically tragic childhood titled The Last Man Standing.

After moving to Stockholm, Sweden with his wife, actress Joanna Tisell, Schiaffino teamed up with Ian McCrudden and Melissa Davis at Elan Entertainment to help Co-Produce the Swedish feature film A Swedish Midsummer Sex Comedy.

Schiaffino currently resides in Stockholm with his wife Joanna and his two kids, Saga and Isac

Ian got his start at Stanford University, where he received the Golden Medal for writing and directing. His production of Night Baseball was honored at the National College Theater Festival, and Stanford University Press published his thesis on Samuel Beckett.  McCrudden has directed eight feature films including Äntligen Midsommar - A Swedish Midsummer Comedy (Luke Perry) Anita O' Day The Life of A Jazz Singer, Islander, (Philip Baker Hall), Trespassers (Michelle Borth), The Things We Carry (Alexis Rhee), The Big Day (Julianna Margulies), Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler (Alex Feldman, Larry Pine), and Trailer—The Movie.  Ian also directs original plays in the United States and abroad, including most recently the acclaimed Patriotic Bitch Off-Broadway in NYC.  Ian has collaborated on many of his films’ scores and his debut album Start Over was released worldwide in March 2007.

Ian lives in Los Angeles and Stockholm with his wife Annica and their two sons, Miles and Elton.